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Mathieu Cardon

Canine Behavior Specialist

About me:

My interest for the canine world began in 2014 by doing a Canine Training and Canine Ethology course with Acea Trainer and in 2015 I also did the course with Dog Assisted Therapy. As I was immersing myself in the world of dogs, my curiosity was changed by passion. I had the great opportunity to work with Irene and Miguel and develop my knowledge to the fullest. The result was the birth of the Rock & Dogs Alicante training club and I was able to participate in several projects in specialized centers (mental disability) and prevention in school absenteeism. It’s amazing what our faithful canine companions can bring us!

My main job as a dog trainer is to establish good communication between the owners and their dogs. It is very important to know your dog, his emotions, gestures, barking, gaze, to be able to create the best environment and learning conditions. I help the owners to become a leader, teaching them how to interpret the behavior of their dogs and solve unwanted behavior problems with a positive education. Being a leader means being a guide for them, telling them when, how and where they can be altered (play, run, obedience exercises …) or not (rest, stay still …), showing them that we understand them and giving them what they need. The main objective is that the dogs trust us.

Dogs are governed by their instincts and emotions, understanding them allows us to create that special and wonderful bond!

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