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Canine Behavior Specialist


Home visit

Planification of goals, time and price. A detailed budget will be sent by email within 24 hours.

35 €

Individual session

Work on a specific goal that can be fulfilled at that time, for example: if your dog is constantly barking when someone rings the bell, he always claims you when you are eating, he does not stop jumping on people …

Video recording option for the session! Check conditions and price.

50 €/ 1 hour 30 minutes

Personalized pet walk at home

You don’t have time to take your dog out, it is not pleasant to walk him… Don’t worry, I take care of it. With this service, a walk of approximately 1 hour is given, I will take care of teaching your dog to walk next to you and to have a good control both in urban and rural environment.

For more information and conditions, please call 610 76 97 80

18 €/ 1 hour 

Exclusive accommodation

Your dog in the best hands and care! It is not always easy to find a kennel that meets everything we would like for our dog.
With me, your dog will always be well cared for, in an exclusive and totally personalized way.
From 5 days – 10% discount
From 10 days – 20% discount
For more information and to know the conditions, call 610 76 97 80

30 €/ day

Adoption advice

Do you want to adopt but do not know what dog to choose? Are you lost with the adaptation? I help you with the first primary steps so that your new partner feels comfortable in his new home. Check conditions.

Customer reviews

I have a 9 month old puppy and when I called Mateo to help me, he came to the house to evaluate the dog’s behavior first and in a matter of just a couple of minutes, he made an assessment of the dog and explained to me what every gesture the little one made meant. It was incredible to see that with a few words and one’s own determination the dog would change and be attentive and submissive. I am delighted with the training class received and the truth until you see it with your own eyes, you don’t believe it. Thank you very much Mateo for your dedication and great treatment to the dog and owner :).

Natalie Wasilewski

I have taken my dog, Cuba, a German shepherd female, to train with Mateo since she was a puppy… The dog is quite difficult… she has a lot of temper and is super dominant. Luckily, Mateo didn’t have any problems and got her quickly.
He has also taught me a lot about how to treat her and how to get her to listen to me. He has always focused on positive training.
Today, Cuba is 4 years old and is a quiet, sociable and well educated dog. I can take her anywhere, I know there will be no problem.
All this would not have been possible without Mateo’s help and patience.


Involved, respectful, caring, and very professional. It makes one truly learn to be aware of our dog’s needs so that he is happier and we and others can enjoy him much more.
Thank you Mateo.
Greetings from Kane and Vaini.
My little dogs.

Carlos Sgattoni

Mateo was my little furry’s second trainer.
He taught me important things to understand my dog. She’s not just any dog.
He helped me a lot when I needed it.
Excellent person. My dog loves him and so do I.

Mayte Marcos

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