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Does your dog have separation anxiety? Walking with your dog is very stressful! Your dog doesn’t respond or obey you? Socialization problems?

The home training service is the solution! The advantages are many!

  • It allows a very personalized work in the usual environment of the dogs.
  • Better effectiveness
  • Active participation of the owners and family members.
  • Time adaptability.

Home visit

Planification of goals, time and price. A detailed budget will be sent by email within 24 hours.

30 €

Individual session

Work on a specific goal that can be fulfilled at that time, for example: if your dog is constantly barking when someone rings the bell, he always claims you when you are eating, he does not stop jumping on people …

Video recording option for the session! Check conditions and price.

45 € /1 hour 30 minutes 

Adoption advice

You want to adopt but don’t know what dog to choose? Are you lost with the adaptation? I help you with the first primary steps so that your new partner feels comfortable in his new home. Check conditions.

A puppy at home

At 3 months, starting to set limits and limitations is very important, to teach the puppy to make their needs in a specific place, to walk by your side, what kind of games to play to, how to interact with him …Check the price


Once the budget has been approved upon with the goals to be achieved, the trainer undertakes to reach said goals as long as the owner follows the recommendations and guidelines indicated in the training. If, due to the dog’s behavior, the training exceeds the time agreed in the beginning, no additional costs will be charged until the goals reached.

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